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About us

We (Jesse & Samir) are two DJ’s from Veenendaal, Holland. We started DJ-ing seperately from each other and during our highschool period we got to know each other and started to hang out.
We went to a lot of party's together and discovered we both had the same passion for house music. We were not just partying, but always trying to recognize the next song first, talking about the music being played or how we should do it.

Back in 2011 we decided to go on as a DJ duo. We were investing a lot in our brand awareness and competing in a lot of DJ contests, with notable success.

We both share the same vision of house music and we want to show to the world. Trying to bring every dancefloor to the next level is just one of our goals during our sets.

In this short time we are DJ-ing together, we have already experienced a lot of great moments and are excited what the future is going to bring us.

More About us

House dj/producer duo

Clubs - we have played

Escape Amsterdam
BeachClub Vroeger
Hollywood Rotterdam
Club Mundo
Club Seven
And many more.

Festivals - we have played

Fuze Outdoor
Paperclip Festival
Mollepop Festival

Releases - Discography


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